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Sincerity & Commitment

The Gainli Technology team has developed various software systems since 1997. We established this team as an independent company in 2005. We specialize in software systems integration and development, and we have a proven trackrecord in DRAM, LCD, automotive electronics, semiconductor wafer fabrication, and IC packaging and testing. Many of our projects are large scales, which could involve up to fifty team members, and a development time up to 2 or 3 years. Gainli Tech has more than ten years of experience in the software industry and it has established itself in the Computer Integration Manufacturing sector. We have partnered with large scale system integration providers, including HP, IBM, Formosa Plastics Group, and Taiwan Apply Materials. Our team always reveives good reviews from our customers, because we consistently provide quality work and exemplary customer service. We help companies use software to achieve their goals and we will continue to work with business enterprises in Taiwan in the 21st Century.

When Gainli Tech was first established in 2005, we started consumable materials manufacturing business in the semiconductor industry, and we were the Taiwanese sales representitive of Cameron Chemical Filter of the United States. To meet customers’ needs, in 2006 we successfully developed Gainfilt, our own chemical filter brand, which was certified by a third-party notary test unit to be effective and harmless. In the same year, we sold Gainfilt to our domestic semiconductor industry and also exported it to foreign countries. Our filter has demonstrated excellent performance in adsorpting semiconductor manufacturing ambient air products, such as ammonia, sulfur compounds, nitrogen oxides (NO, NO2,), chloride (HCl, CL2), volatile organic compounds (VOC), and other byproducts.

While most of the chemical filter supply in Taiwan comes from Europe, the United States, and Japan, Gainly Tech is now one of the few native Taiwanese chemical filter suppliers to have its own brand and R & D capabilities. We are dedicated to working hard for our customers, developing applicable and useful products matched to our customers’ needs, helping our customers achieve success with reduced costs and increased profits, and providing them with innovateive solutions.

Honesty and Simplicity
We believe that honesty and simplicity are the most direct and effective way of developing and selling software systems/consumable products. We analyse our customers’ needs and recommend appropriate solutions to our clients. We never exaggerate or misrepresent. We founded our team on these values and we continue to hold true to them today.

We Keep Our Promise
Before the Information Age, a person's word was enough to conduct business. Today, our communication networks create challenges to honest representation of business and products. However, we believe that there can still exist the long-established principle of integrity, and we believe that the value of keeping promises should always accompany the continuity of business. This is the corporate culture that we always keep in our mind.

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